03. About me

You may notice I talk funny

That’s because I’m a northerner, now living in London.

I used to draw as a kid. In fact I used to draw A LOT. My earliest taste of artistic glory came at the Whalton village show (under 10 category) where I took second place for a lifelike representation of a Kestrel. I would like to state here that first place went to a young man who was clearly well over the age of 10, for a depiction of Boy George. I was right royally robbed. However, my love of Kestrels has only increased since (I cannot say the same for Boy George) as has my passion for all the visual arts.

After studying graphic design at Nottingham Trent University, I travelled the world and then upped sticks and moved to London to seek fame and fortune. I am yet to find one, or the other. I did, however, have two successful exhibitions of my work and received commissions as result. (I may be no Basquiat - but I sure do think he’s a dab hand.)

Next, I gained employment as Junior Designer at STEEL. I arrived with my innocence intact, plus a full head of hair. Seven years on, after working my way up the ladder, I achieved the position of Senior Designer and left with neither.

It was time for a new challenge - stepping out on my own as a freelance Graphic Designer. And this is where you find me now.

My bread is buttered on both sides, as I am adept in both print and digital design. I am just as content creating scamps, wire-framing, conceptualising ideas and drawing as I am using an Apple Mac. I dabble in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash, as well as the good old fashioned pencil and paper. These skills have been used to produce logos, branding, illustrations, brochures, websites, emails, online advertising and integrated marketing campaigns. My girlfriend thinks that I colour in for a living.

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients such as NHS, Sainsbury’s, AOL, TalkTalk, Channel 5, lastminute.com, Greggs, Brighton Dome & Festival, Debenhams and Mark Warner - to name but a few.

In addition, mum brought me up very well. I am polite and punctual and work efficiently and professionally at all times. I have undertaken screen-printing at St Martins and D&AD Above the Line and Integrated Advertising Courses.

To try and stay sound of both body and mind, I regularly attend the gym, run, swim and put the miles in on my road bike. I am passionate about snowboarding and the mountains and love being out and about in the great outdoors, walking Tess the dog. This winter I completed a season in The Big White, Canada and was particularly proud to gain qualifications as a snowboard instructor.

Anyway, enough about me, get in touch so we can talk about you.


“I miss Davey Richie Richardson every single working day since he left STEEL. He is one of the most positive and passionate colleagues I have ever had the pleasure to cross creative swords with. He takes every job, however massive and important - or seemingly tiny and irrelevant - and he gives it his all. And his all is good - very good indeed. He has a keen eye - a sharp mind - a brilliant and dextrous touch and a balls-out creative punch that will knock your socks off. And he does all this with a grin on his face.”

Kevin Pond
Creative Director, STEEL

“David intuitively knows what is required from the brief and has a natural fit with the 3mil philosophy and approach to all projects. He always goes the extra smile.”

Matt Spencer
Managing Partner, 3mil

“David is a talented creative. He is passionate about design and the possibilities it brings; and his experience has proved to be very valuable when interpreting clients needs and finding answers to a brief. A reliable extension to our team.”

Joseph Tuckwell
Director, Moresoda

“I have had the pleasure of knowing David for over 12 years now and I can honestly say if you want a job doing well he’s your man. (Unless of course that job is the laundry, polishing or hoovering…….). Dave sort of designs everything, from presenting dinner on a plate to the most fabulous birthday and valentine cards (awwww) oh and of course any proper design stuff he may be doing like colouring so it doesn’t go over the lines. Sometimes he paints really good pictures on canvas and everything.”

Debbie Murphy
The 'Missus'

“David/Richie/Davidson/Geordie - a man with many names and many talents. A superb digital creative, understands the big picture, bags of experience in all channels and has a great grip on 'what makes people tick’. Let him loose into a brainstorm, to lead or support a project and you won't be disappointed. Displays flair, passion and integrity in his creative and was a dependable, major player in many STEEL success stories, as well as being very popular with staff and clients alike. I would not hesitate in giving the highest of recommendations, for Richie.”

Nick Bennett
Managing Partner, STEEL

“Having known David the longest it shows how trusting he is to ask me for a testimonial which I do with pleasure and is unbiased! He is a very caring, dedicated, thoughtful and loyal person with a quick sense of humour and would never let you down. He's a son in a million.”

Davey’s mum

"David is stylish designer, inspired thinker and a solid problem solver. In the agency Swiss Army Penknife, he is one of the most dependable tools. Choose Richie."

Les Hughes
Managing Partner, STEEL

“I have got to know Ritchie over the past 14 years through our shared interests in the creative process, whether it be design, music or the contemporary arts. We have exhibited together and shared many interesting conversations and observations. He is a calm, patient, talented soul who is probably the friendliest person on the planet. His unique sense of humour and imagination can develop a piece of work into something truly original. he has a passion for wildlife (especially owls), expanding his reading knowledge and is always able to surprise you with his intelligent take on life. Working with him you will soon discover you have a life long, wonderful friend you can rely and trust.”

Lee Curtis